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    About Us


    FinTech & e-procurement marketplace enabling frictionless trade & payments 

    Customer (Venue)

    HorecaMarket.Global provides a B2B Marketplace with instant access to multiple suppliers, with easy to compare prices/terms at your fingertips, automated online ordering, logistical support, while reducing purchasing and administration costs.

    HorecaMarket.Global is category item agnostic and extendable to all business procurement.

    Why are we better:

    We act as Agent in all contracts, we  offer a NO MORE PAPERWORK solution, with a Single order platform from all suppliers, with a Single Set of Trading terms. Enabling Directors to know their daily exposure in relation to Directors Guarantees and payment obligations across ALL suppliers on one dashboard.

    We can fully integrate with your venue’s point of sale (POS), Accounting package, and  provide a dashboard of purchasing, historical and seasonal trends - allowing you to plan, and trade better.

    How we generate Turnover:

    We act as the Vendor's agent to sell to Venues for products and services purchased on the Marketplace. 

    Vendor (Wholesaler):

    HorecaMarket.Global provides full access to the available market, in the most cost-efficient way.

    HorecaMarket.Global provides a full cloud-based ERP back office solution designed and built for B2B e-procurement, with seamless integration to - front office B2B Marketplace.

    HorecaMarket.Global eliminates the need for Vendors to create their own customer portals and continuously invest in Technology improvements and upgrades. 

    We offer 48-hour payments (after delivery).

    We expect to save a wholesaler $150-$300k per annum.


    How we aim to be better:

    We eliminate account management Risks

    We insure all Accounts Receivable, at scale, for cheaper

    We always provide Free Listings

    We provide a true picture of your customer using aggregated data

    We provide Sales representative Apps’ specifically built for Horeca Vendors and customers


    Manage your entire business dealings in one place