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    Beldos N.V. is a leading designer and manufacturer of depositors, transfer pumps and cake equipment for bakeries and food manufacturers all over the world.

    The company was founded in 2001 in Belgium by Rudy Van der Linden, who is a highly innovative designer and an engineer.

    In 1978 Rudy started his own bakery “Van der Linden” in Brasschaat.

    He wanted to combine his knowledge of confectionery with his know-how of electromechanics which resulted in establishment of the Filler Systems Europe Company in 1996. Rudy imported depositors and sold them to companies all over Europe.

    After seeing that there was room for improvement in the industry he started his own design and production company of depositors in 2001.

    Rudy’s experience in bakery business, understanding of the baker’s needs and perfect technical knowledge make it possible to produce unique equipment.

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    Beldos Mini Fill-1

    Beldos Mini Fill

    Compact electric filling machine for depositing, injection and layering Applications: depositing of cake batter, fruit filling, jelly, jams Up to 80 deposits per minute 8 litre or 15 litre hoppers available Power: 110/220 volts, 50 Hz