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    The company is characterized by a modern production facility and 70 employees, where the components and finished products are designed and manufactured onsite, through the use of state of the art continuous cycle robots and modern numerical control machinery.

    Bezzera produces professional and semi-professional espresso coffee machines, exporting its products to approximately 50 countries around the world thanks to a carefully selected network of resellers.

    The quality of Bezzera machines has always been the prime objective of the Research & Development Department, which collaborates with the technical services provided by its resellers for continuous improvement of the products, periodically implementing technical updates and training on the culture of espresso coffee.

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    Bezzera BZ16 Volumetric 1 Group

    Bezzera BZ16 Volumetric 1 Group


    Bezzera has over 105 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of coffee machines which has led to renowned reliability, quality and performance and the beautiful Bezerra BZ16 does not disappoint. This machine is built using high-grade stainless steel that is built to not only look amazing but also to last. This machine also houses a large 2L heat exchange boiler to ensure that you always have constant access to brew water and steam. The Bezerra BZ16 also comes equipped with programmable volumetric brew controls to assist with consistency, shot after shot. This machine is the perfect mix of commercial quality and home engineering, to ensure that you are creating great coffee in the comfort of your own home.  

    Features and specifications:

    • Heat Exchange Boiler
    • Programmable Volumetric Controls 
    • 2L Stainless Boiler
    • 4L In-Built Water Tank 
    • Hot Water Tap
    • Commercial Steam Wand
    • Hot Water Tap 
    • Vibrational Pump
    • 1700W/10amp Single Phase Power Supply 
    • Machine Dimensions: 32cm W x 45cm D x 40cm H  
    Bezzera Matrix Dual Boiler PID 1 Group

    Bezzera Matrix Dual Boiler PID 1 Group


    Berezza has over 105 years experience in design and manufacturing of coffee machines which has led to renown reliability, quality and performance. The Bezzera Matrix is a state-of-the-art domestic coffee machine. Packed with features, there is very little this machine cannot do! The matrix boasts a big 4L water tank, with the option to plumb in. A dual boiler system giving the user huge amounts of pressure to work with, fitted with a rotary pump making this machine nice and quiet. On top of all this, the Bezerra Matrix comes with a built in LCD screen that gives the user control over an array of aspects. From PID control, brew dosage (optional volumetric on LCD keypad and manual lever) and many more features to explore. When brewing, the LCD display acts as the pressure gauge in digital real time. The light up, see-through side panels gives the owner the opportunity to see the inner workings of this masterpiece. 

    Features and specifications:

    • Automatic boiler refill
    • Light up side panels
    • Steam wand flick tap
    • Hot water flick tap
    • 3.5 LCD Display touch screen 
    • Dual Boiler (1.05 Steam / 0.45L Brew)
    • Built in rotary pump 
    • 4L water tank
    • 1565 Watts / 10amp Single Phase Power
    • Machine Dimensions: 31cm W x 47cm D x 42cm H