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    Business, Contract & Commercial Law

    “Business, Contract & Commercial Law” in Australia encompasses a wide range of legal essentials that businesses need to comply with. 

    These include business registrations such as Australian business number (ABN), goods and Services Tax (GST), tax file number (TFN), and pay as you go (PAYG) withholding

    Fair trading laws ensure that businesses operate fairly and competitively while also informing and protecting customersContracts are legally enforceable regardless of whether they are ‘handshake deals’ or written agreements

    Privacy laws detail how businesses must handle personal information, especially as it relates to direct marketing purposes

    Businesses also have legal obligations when employing people, such as paying correct wages, abiding by work health and safety regulations, and ensuring workers’ compensation insurance for each employee.

    Services may include items like Directors Employment Contracts and Shareholder Agreements, Privacy Agreement, Distribution Agreements and Terms and Conditions of Trade.

    No matter your requirment its important to ensure you recieve the correct advise at the commencement of your business.