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    Decanters by Riedel

    Decanters by Riedel

    Riedel is recognised worldwide for designing and producing the highest quality glasses and decanters for the enjoyment of wine and spirits.

    "I prefer to decant wines, both young and old. It is a sign of respect for old wines and a sign of confidence in young wines. Decanting old wines, just a few moments before they are served, helps to ensure that the wines' clarity and brilliance are not obscured by any deposit that may have developed over time. Decanting young wines several hours before they are served gives the wine a chance to bloom and attain a stage of development that normally requires years of aging." (thoughts on decanting by Christian Moueix)

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    Picture of Riedel Bottle Cleaner

    Riedel Bottle Cleaner

    The stainless steel mini pellets help to prevent sediments in carafes and decanters. Directions: Fill with plenty of water, carefully add the pellets and swirl the container for 1-2 minutes. Pour out carefully into a sieve and simply rinse the pellets with water. Used correctly, the bottle cleaner can be reused indefinitely! From a simple wine glass to a glass which is a pleasure to drink from: every Riedels collection arises out of sensory workshops designed to engage all the senses.
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