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    Direct Debit Authority

    Direct Debit

    Agreement for the Payment of HorecaMarket.Global Account Balances


    Drawing Arrangements

    We will publish a daily statement of your account balance, showing the amount due and date that your account will be debited.

    We will debit your account on the day on which the particular invoice is due.

    Where the due date for a debit falls on a non-business day, we will draw the amount on the following business day.

    If a debit is returned unpaid by your financial institution, we will contact you with the details before making a further attempt to debit your account. We reserve the right to cancel the Direct Debit arrangement if debits are returned unpaid. We will advise you in writing if this occurs.

    We will provide 14 days notice if we instigates changes to these drawing arrangements.

    Your Privacy

    We will keep all information pertaining to your nominated account private and confidential and will not use it for any purpose unconnected with this agreement, unless we have your consent. Other personal information you provide us in connection with this agreement will be used for the 'approved purposes' stated in our Privacy Policy. For more detail, please visit our website.

    Your Rights

    You may do the following by contacting us at least 10 business days in advance:

    o    Change your nominated bank account;

    o    Terminate this Direct Debit arrangement.

    Your Responsibilities

    It is your responsibility to;

    o    Ensure sufficient funds are available in your account to meet each debit when it is due to be made (orthereafter until the debit occurs);

    o    Ensure that your account can accept direct debits;

    o    Notify us immediately if your account is transferred or closed;

    o    Ensure that suitable arrangements are made in relation to payment of your account if this Direct Debit arrangement is cancelled, whether by yourself, by your financial institution, by us because 3 debits have been returned unpaid, or for any other reason.


    Please contact our Credit Manager or our National Credit Department with any enquiries you have concerning this Agreement or any debit made under it.

    If our response does not satisfy you, we will reconsider it at your request.

    Note: A copy of this Agreement must be published for all customers who wish to pay by direct debit.



    I/We request that monies due in terms of the payment arrangements covered under this document be drawn under the Direct Debit System from my/our bank account conducted with:


    Account No:

    Account Name:

    I/We acknowledge that this Direct Debit arrangement is governed by the terms of the Client Service Agreement terms detailed in this document.


    Your Account No: