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    EVOS Energy


    Evos Energy EV Charging

    We make charging your EVs simple.

    We believe we can accelerate EV uptake by maximising the benefits of EVs. The key to this is reducing the cost of energy.

    EVOS’ solutions focus on reducing the cost of energy for electric fleets by managing energy and simplifying the EV charging process.

    We break down the barriers to convert your fleet to electric by simplifying and reducing the cost of installing and operating the EV charging infrastructure.

    EVOS is a global leader in electric vehicle energy solutions

    Since inception our goal has been to maximise the benefits of electric vehicles. We've been working on optimising every aspect of electric vehicle operations. So far we've delivered the best charging and management solutions the market has seen. Our goal is to accelerate the uptake of zero emission fleets. We believe zero emission fleets are critical for a healthier planet and reducing our impact on the earth.

    What we do.

    We bring innovative technology and services to one platform to create an energy eco system, driving energy efficiency and simplify your transition to electric mobility. We help you manage how your energy gets to your site, is transferred to your vehicles and how you use your energy in your fleet in the most cost effective and efficient way.

    Our Values.

    Our Australian based team of talented engineers and designers are constantly pursuing disruption through innovation and smart design. They are all driven by the same values of quality, simplicity and providing unrivalled customer experience.


    EVOS helps you create your own private EV charging park for your EV fleet.

    Our products are rigorously tested, rugged and built to withstand the heavy demands of fleet use. EVOS designs and manufactures its EV charging products in Australia to deliver quality, performance and innovation. Our charging systems are designed to use cutting-edge technology to be safe, reliable and easy to repair, while offering a superior charging experience.

    EVOS Smart Start

    The Smart Start system provides a simple way of managing charging of electric vehicles without the need for the use of RFID tags, smartphone apps or fuel cards.

    • Simple to install and uninstall
    • Connected via 4G or Wi-Fi
    • Swap the charge cable without the need of a technician
    • Remote energy management 3 year warranty
    • Australian made

    Fleet Home 22

    Up to 22kW AC charger for the home or workplace. The EVOS Home Fleet 22 can be installed as a single or three phase charger.

    • Only allows authorised cars to utilise the asset. Locks out the public
    • Allocate details of the energy used to a connected vehicle account for user invoicing
    • Dynamic load management
    • Tariff management
    • Schedule charging


    Read More about how these amazing EV Chargers are made in Australia

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    EVOS Fleet Home22 - 22kW AC Home Charger

    EVOS Fleet Home22 - 22kW AC Home Charger

    The EVOS Fleet Home22 AC Charger allows electric fleet vehicles to be charged at the home simply, safely, and with security. Paired with the EVOS Smart Start you can control the energy to make sure the EV is ready for its daily use and charged at the lowest cost. Designed to save you money and look good in your garage.
    EVOS SB7 Home Charger

    EVOS SB7 - 7kW AC Home Charger

    The EVOS SB7 AC charging station comes packed with a host of features designed to streamline your EV charging experience, saving you time and effort while enhancing your control over power consumption. The perfect blend of efficiency and convenience.