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    Features for Wholesalers

    Automate and grow your wholesale business

    Our offer is to Automate all orderingpayments, and data analytics across the Hoaspitality sector and platform has all the features needed to easily grow and manage your business.

    Operate your business using our Enterprise Software platform combined with our Global B2B Marketplace.

    How It Works

    HorecaMarket.Global provides a seamless platform to support all steps in the sales and ordering process, and is super easy to use. We provide the following Enterprise Modules for FREE - ALWAYS

    • Store Analytics (Standard)
    • CRM
      • Manage (Staff) Roles
        • Manage Commission Structures
      • Manage Users
      • Manage Customers
      • Manage Credit Cards
    • eCatalog
      • Manage Portfolio
        • Create / Manage Products
        • Create / Manage Product Attributes
        • Create ePortfolio and Circulate
        • Manage Pricing
          • Wholesale Prices
          • Discounts
          • Tier Discounts
          • Rebates
          • Promotions
            • BOGOF
        • Sync Portfolio to Sales Rep App
    • Credit Management
      • Credit Account Management
      • Credit Terms Management
      • PPSR
      • Risk Profiling - Big Data Analytics
    • Finance
      • Invoices
      • Payments
      • Credit Notes
      • Refunds
      • Factoring/Cash Flow Funding - Auto Integrated
      • Accounts Receivable Insurance - Auto Integrated
      • Manage Commission payments and Automation
    • 3PL Warehouse integration
      • Automated Order Updates to the warehouse (3PL or your own)
      • Automated updates for tracking to your end user customers
    • Accounts Automation
      • Xero Integration
      • Automated Sync for
        • Invoices
        • Payments
        • Credit Notes
        • Refunds
      • Bank Feed Recon (practical Automated Bank Reconciliations)

    We can seriously help you save lots in Labour costs by eliminating repeditive task (which no one wants to do anyway)

    In a typical medium sized wholesale business we expect to save you $150,000 - $300,000 per year

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