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    International Law

    We are a well-known provider of comprehensive representation in complex international business law matters. Our team of skilled lawyers has expertise in international and Australian law, data analysis, and advocacy. We can offer expert advice on trade defense, import and export controls, sanctions compliance, negotiation of free trade agreements, WTO dispute procedures, and international dispute resolution.

    Our lawyers have international experience and training in multiple legal jurisdictions, which allows us to understand the unique challenges faced by businesses involved in transactions, disputes, and investments in foreign countries. We have handled court and administrative procedures in Australia and various countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the European Union, the United States, and China. Our boutique legal firm has a strong track record of representing Australian companies, multinational corporations, foreign exporters, and foreign governments in international trade law matters.

    We have provided legal advisory services for major anti-dumping investigations over the past decade. With our legal expertise, numerical skills, and willingness to travel, we offer comprehensive representation to our clients. This includes assisting with data gathering and analysis, developing defense strategies, and advocating for our clients throughout the process. Our goal is to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients in these matters.

    Our team understands the complex regulations involved in cross-border transactions, as well as the overlapping requirements of different jurisdictions and the consequences of non-compliance. With our knowledge of law, economics, and data analysis, we have achieved significant results for our clients in trade law matters.

    In the ever-changing international legal landscape, we provide certainty to businesses. Our trade team has the knowledge, experience, and steady hands required to ensure that you can trade with confidence.