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    Joe Frex

    Established in 1996, JoeFrex has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and distribution of prime quality coffee and espresso tools & accessories for more than twenty years. Dedicated to continuous innovation and the development of original design concepts, the company has established a prestigious reputation for high end products and outstanding manufacturing standards with business partners on all five continents.

    We offer a wide range of espresso accessories like tampers, tamping stations, milk pitchers, knock boxes and knock out drawer bases for portafilter machines, as well as cleaning products and professional equipment for cafes, bars, restaurants, barista and coffee roasters.

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    Joe Frex Knock Box

    Joe Frex Knock Box


    The Concept Art Coffee Knockout Bin in great is your perfect domestic knock tube. Featuring a rubber rimmed base to absorb noise and hardened plastic walls to ensure strength and durability. It also includes a knock bar which is covered with food grade silicone designed to absorb the majority of force while using the knock box. The silicone is great for ware and tare and does not leave or absorb an odour. Cleaning the Coffee knock tube is simple, remove the knock bar and tip out any coffee grounds, rinse and place in the dish washer.

    Please contact us to discuss freighting small items to your location. These items can be included in freight free of charge when purchasing a machine or grinder or can be combined with other items for a single freight charge.

    Features and specifications: 

    • Made of ABS, Rubber and Stainless Steel
    • Noise Reducing Rubber Covered Bar
    • Durable
    • Dish Washer Safe
    • Silicon base ring gives exceptional stability and protects the work area surface
    • Available in Red, Black & Grey