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    Australia’s Leading Commercial Kitchen Exhaust And Specialist Cleaning Company

    Our philosophy is simple – Breathe Easy with Lotus Commercial


    By partnering with Lotus Commercial you will be able to:

    • Make informed decisions about your risk management and compliance obligations
    • Access evidence to demonstrate that you are fully compliant to all relevant stakeholders
    • Focus on your business knowing that you have a reliable cleaning service program in place
    • Continue to protect and enhance your brand and reputation.


    Our Services

    Lotus Commercial has been helping businesses looking for a thorough commercial clean for over 30 years. Since the inception of the company, we’ve been providing premium cleaning services. We have proven industry experience and a portfolio full of satisfied customers.

    You can rest assured that all our cleaning work is performed by professional, skilled and committed individuals. The work we do is crucial to the health, safety and compliance of your commercial kitchen. Lotus cleaning services are comprehensive and reliable.

    Our restaurant cleaning services and broader commercial kitchen offer includes filter cleaning services as well as filter sales and exchanges. We’ll take care of your exhaust ducts, cool rooms, canopy maintenance or cleaning.

    Have you not found what you’re looking for? We can also assist you with various air conditioning services such as cleaning and sales.


    Clients we service

    The clients we work with are known and respected in their industries. However, Lotus cleaning services are available to businesses of any size. As a part of our social responsibility program, we also provide in-kind services for charities helping those in difficult life circumstances.

    Some of our clients have been with us for many years, not imagining working with any other cleaning company. The respect between us and businesses we service is mutual. Read our clients’ testimonials to learn why they keep choosing Lotus cleaning services over those of other providers. The brands in our portfolio include:

    Service Sectors

    Businesses in various industries need professional services when it comes to commercial kitchens. This is to assure compliance but also to avoid health and safety hazards by minimising risks of fires, mould and bacteria growth and unhealthy air. In fact, it’s beneficial for any business with a commercial kitchen to schedule regular maintenance and cleaning.

    We provide excellent restaurant cleaning services, but we are proud to work for clients needing a commercial clean and maintenance for all kinds of businesses. We’re also always happy to assist new clients from other sectors with their commercial kitchen cleaning needs. Have a look at the wide variety of industries we’ve been working for so far:

    Why should you hire us for filter cleaning services and other commercial clean needs? Apart from countless satisfied clients we’ve helped in the last three decades we are also committed to satisfying legislative and regulatory requirements. 

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    Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters - Honeycomb with Handles

    Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters - Honeycomb

    The filter media used in honeycomb grease filters is made of metal aluminium and is generally 50mm thick. The 50mm foil strip is sculpted into a design resembling a honeycomb.
    Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters - Halton

    Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters - Halton

    The filter media used in Halton filters is made of stainless steel metal. Halton Filters all come with handles
    Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters - Baffle

    Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters - Baffle

    The filter media used in baffle filters is made of metal (aluminium or stainless steel). It is usually 50mm thick.