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    Mercury Nero

    Mercury Nero started in 2015 with the sole purpose of designing equipment for the commercial and hospitality industry. Partnering with East Coast Espresso and with a background in food preparation our founders Jordan Elkurdi and Sam Sadik both engineers embarked on an endeavour to develop Australian made equipment that would solve industry problems as well as propel the industry to be more technology based. Their focus has been on making the equipment more ergonomic as well as applying suitable technology that will deliver more data, assist in cleaning, as well as deliver necessary telemetry.

    Since 2015, Mercury Nero has established an Electromechanical design house as well as developed a vast network of manufactures and parts suppliers from Australia, China, India, Italy and Japan. Mercury Nero has also established Quality Assurance departments in China and Australia to ensure the quality of the components being manufactured are at a high and acceptable standard.

    Our Capacity

    Inspired by technology and design, Mercury Nero has developed the capacity to take an Idea and transform it to finished product, which includes manufacturing and certification where required. The chain developed includes


    • - Mechanical Design
    • - Electrical design
    • - Programming PLC and microprocessors
    • - Manufacturing and production development
    • - Design standard identification
    • - Certification
    • - Assembly
    • - Sales


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    Mercury Nero Steaming Unit

    Mercury Nero Steaming Unit


    The Mercury Nero Steam Hub is a commercial manual milk texturing steam machine using vertical boiler technology. The Vertical boiler technology produces an incredibly high stable and silkier milk. The dual steam tap allows flexibility to have two different steam wand configurations, such as long or short as well as small or large steam tips. The Steam Hub is a fully above bench unit that connects to the mains water supply and operates off a standard 240v, 15Amp power supply. 

    Features and specifications:

    • Stand Alone Unit
    • Mains Water Connection
    • Glossy Black Body
    • Compact Construction
    • Easy Tap Steam Taps
    • 3000 Watts / 15 Amp Single Phase Power
    • Dimensions: 28cm W x 54cm D x 56cm H