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    Mitolo Wines is a family owned business, borne of and led by the founder and owner Frank Mitolo's vision. The business was established in 1999 and a year later the first Mitolo Wine was launched. It was called G.A.M.; named after Frank's three children and the next generation of Mitolo's, Gemma, Alexander and Marco. Mitolo has created a range of wines of individuality, integrity and utmost quality. Whether it is the in the vineyard, or in the winery, or the work of the many different coopers who source and shape the diverse barrels which are used at Mitolo, each wine is nurtured and developed with a zealous passion that spares no effort or investment to ensure that the best of everything is brought together to make wines of purity, elegance and power. Mitolo Wines has since swiftly achieved international recognition with outstanding reviews from globally acknowledged wine critics and a market demand outstripping supply.


    “For a winery only established in 1999 and dedicated to hand-crafted artisanal wines, Mitolo has consistently been a revelation in my tastings. Thanks to owner Frank Mitolo and his brilliant winemaker Ben Glaetzer, the quality has been truly splendid.”Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, November 2005