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    Niepoort's mission is to maintain its position of "niche player", continuing to produce distinctive ports and Douro wines, combining centuries-old tradition with innovation. This combination has come to include throughout our growth wines from two other regions that have contributed to marking out the Douro - Bairrada - Dão triangle.

    The most recent points of the triangle (also) "produce the goods" and occupy a place that Niepoort considered important to recover, given the potential they possess, combining the undeniable legacy of Portugal's winemaking past with the possibilities of innovation.

    The importance we attach to the need to interpret soils, climates and grape varieties has led us on the path of Biodynamics, a relationship that looks to respect the "moods" of Nature, listening to nature in order to find a balance between biodiversity and the least possible intrusive intervention. In Biodynamics, we give particular attention to the interrelationship between all the people involved in a continuous demand for respect for their idiosyncrasies and appreciation of what they have and bring of best to the Niepoort family.

    "Could we do any better?" It depends. It depends on Niepoort continuing to make dreams come true, depends on the creation of the appropriate procedures and maintains the willingness to learn what characterizes us. But above all, the answer lies in the pleasure we gain from what we do.

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    Picture of Niepoort Port   Vintage Touriga Nacional Touriga Franca Tinta Cao Tinta Francisca Sousao Tinta Roriz 2003 750mL

    Niepoort Port Vintage Touriga Nacional Touriga Franca Tinta Cao Tinta Francisca Sousao Tinta Roriz 2003 750mL


    This Vintage continues Niepoort's tradition to create balanced Ports with great concentration but simultaneously fine and delicate. At Niepoort we predict that this vintage will be one of the finest in decades...

    Vinification: In 2003, the harvest had very hot days and also very humid days. The production was high but with small grapes that produced concentrated tannins and colour. Overriped and dry grapes were taken out to reassure the finesse of the wine.

    Vinha da Pisca, (very old vineyard), with notes of coffee and black berries gave the final blend the desired finesse. In September 2005, the cycle for Niepoort Vintage 2003 was completed and now the wine ages in the final bottle, (32.000 bottles of 750ml).

    Tasting Notes: Fine, elegant, mineral but not balsamic. The taste continues fine, aggressive and with tannins, rich but not excessive and with a long final. Impressive finesse even though robust.


    Soil Type: Schist

    Vineyards: Vinha da Pisca, Vale do Pinhão and Ferrão

    Average Vine Age: 60 and over 100 years

    Harvest Method: Hand picked

    Fermentation: Lagares (wine presses)/Foot treading

    Bottled: September 2005

    Ageing: 2 years in cask


    Food Suggestions: Perfect with “Queijo da Serra”, a Stilton or other blue cheeses. Egg based desserts with “Pão de Ló” (Portuguese sponge based cake).