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    Pallet Slip Sheets

    Slip Sheets made with recycled plastic are the practical, economical and environmentally sound alternative to wooden pallets and fibre slipsheets.

    Mostly made of recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE), slip sheets have been designed to replace or supplement wooden pallets in transportation and warehouse environments.



    • More economical than pallets
    • Zero maintenance
    • Reduced handling costs
    • Faster loading and unloading time
    • Custom made sizes easily available
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Reusable many times
    • Low replacement cost
    • Up to 98% lighter than a wooden pallet
    • Increased shipping space
    • Resistant to moisture
    • Resistant to bacteria
    • No wooden pallet type certifications required
    • Maximise warehouse space
    • High Co-efficient of Friction (COF) non-slip surface
    • Higher tensile strength (pull resistance)
    • Eliminates the need for pallet exchange

    Both small, medium and large enterprises around the globe are converting to slipsheets in droves as they realise the potential to save money in their everyday business. Slipsheets cost less and use less space when shipping goods and can be reused many times provide they are looked after in between use.