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    REFRIGERATION MAINTENANCE - Labour 1 Hour - Additional Hours (with Retainer)

    Purchased as "1 Hour" Site visits - billed Monthly, covering site visit, travel time and a maximum of 60 mins of site service time. It does not cover parts, and if additional time is required, additional hours can be purchased by the hour.


    It’s amazing how many businesses forget about maintenance and repairs until something goes wrong. When you start to look at the bottom line, though, preventative maintenance is actually a cost saver. Think about the loss of inventory that can occur when refrigeration isn’t maintained at the right temperature—or even worse, think about the poor service your end clients receive when they’re sent spoiled food or frozen drinks with no ice.

    In fact, even a few hours of downtime can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. And it’s so easy to avoid this – with our full-service maintenance plans, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

    We’ve been in the business since 2002, and we know what we’re doing. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, trained on both old and new technologies to give you the most up-to-date service possible. We handle all types of refrigeration units – from large scale commercial kitchens to industrial factories.

    All it takes to avoid these problems is regular maintenance—and that’s where BM Refrigeration Services comes in. We provide a full range of commercial refrigeration services, including:

    – Preventative maintenance
    – Installation
    – Repairs
    – Energy efficient retrofitting and green technology upgrades

    We offer same day service and 24/7 emergency response to keep your business running smoothly. We have been serving the greater Sydney area since 2002, and our technicians have professional training and experience working with all brands of commercial refrigeration equipment. Our goal is to help you prevent costly breakdowns and maintain your equipment for maximum efficiency to save on energy expenses over the long run.

    CONTACT us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment for regular maintenance.

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