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    Tamp Master

    Automation for all.

    For years barista's have tamped by hand, something that has resulted in inconsistencies, unmanageable workflow and worst of all strain related injuries. Tamp master is the solution, designed to take away one of the biggest pain points in your coffee making process and make your brewing better.

    The best part? We don't discriminate - doesn't matter if you're a home barista, cafe, office or just want to press coffee without hassle we've got you.

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    Tamp Master Automatic Tamper  Black

    Tamp Master Automatic Tamper Black


    Baristas strive every day to produce the most consistent and lovely coffee possible, and with the assistance of the new Tamping Master it is even more achievable. This brand new tamping station is made with high quality stainless steel and aluminum, and is built to last. This durability paired with features such as adjustable tamping pressure, interchangeable tamping heads and the three point safety sensors ensures that your baristas can safely and consistently produce amazing coffee, shot after shot. This is the perfect tamper for the coffee lovers, who want to step up their consistency. 

    Features & Specifications:

    • Suitable For 58mm Handles
    • Compatible With Most Tamping Bases
    • Internal LED Light
    • Display Screen for Adjustments 
    • Three Point Contact Sensor
    • Accurate Horizontal & Constant Tamping Pressure 
    • Tamping Adjustable In 1Kg Increments 
    • Adjustable Pressure, Between 10 & 30kg
    • Daily & Lifetime Press Count
    • Displays Date & Time
    • Dimensions: 13cm W x 20cm D x 33.5 cm H